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thinspiring girl


ok so I'll admit I've been avoiding the mirror for some time now even though I've lost so much weight.

stupid me, I took a pic of my full body and of course saw EVERYTHING FLAW there was to see.

Fat hanging off of me, disgusting.

It's funny b/c I just went grocery shopping yesterday, so now I have a kitchen full of food that I won't eat.

And so be it. I have bigger concerns than food anyway, I have lots of water so I think I'm going to fast again, I don't trust myself with eating.
I went over board and now I'm a whale. I refuse to step on the scale, I don't need to become suicidal right now.

Starting now until next friday, no food.
I can manage.

ok MAYBE I can blame some of my girth on my monthly cycle. But I don't really see that as an excuse to be so repulsive.

here I go again


a fast will make you feel better
*much needed