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Drama & Collarbones

Drama still goin on, not sure how long I'll deal with it.
He's out of the hospital now and the babymama got my number from his phone and texts me stupid shit that I laugh at often, and then forward to him and to his mom.

Not sure if I should go back to being arm candy, which always kept my bills paid and kept me looking and feeling fabulous. Or stick it out with him which would mean a very simple, humble lifestyle, that will involve drama but he truly makes me happy.

But I do know I'm back to focusing on me again. No more emotions and shit, that just held me back and made me relapse. My eating habits are weird and you would think it would make me fat, but I'm still skinny and my collarbones show even more now.

Trying to fight the urge to purge my dinner tonight.
I think I will though...for old times sake.