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my dear
I am alive
I am better
I am smiling
I am in my own world at all times, it's better there, so I stay.
I never forgot about you, yea... YOU the one that's been reading all my posts, I always wonder who lurks through my thoughts
But I guess I can add that to the list of things I'll never know...

Have you ever had a doctor ask you how many sexual partners you've had and you HONESTLY replied to them?
I could NEVER honestly reply to them because honestly... I don't know.

What's even weirder is that I DO NOT CARE. All the safety precautions are taken, and I usually forget about them not long after, it's become a habit. lol I watch Maury episodes where a teen girl admits to sleeping with over 200 men and I think...

"Who keeps count?" lol

You would NEVER know this by looking at me, I come off as many things, but never a very WILD & SEXUAL gal.
I like the fact that you would never guess this, just like I don't look like I smoke weed, then again people like to think I'm a square. Which is good to me lol

Everything on my person is clean and works well if not BETTER than many other women and never been pregnant. The only time I've ever gotten an STD is at age 18 (just lost my virginity) my BOYFRIEND gave me chlamydia, and tried to blame it on me... the damn bastard...

What's maybe even WEIRDER is that I DO NOT have any problems admitting any of this, I guess I'm finally comfortable with who I am, and all the things that society disapproves of that I tend to indulge in...

Now back to smoking my blunt and making this money, I'm too SEXY to be "good" besides I want a place in the books...

"Well-behaved women seldom make history."  -Laurel Thatcher Ulrich


i could never count, but over 200 is an easy way out :P hahah but over 3/4 of them were for the sake of money... the other part for benefits and lust. my husband now is the only one for love.
EXACTLY, the majority was for money and the rest was my nympho tendencies that would be respected and supported if I were a man smh

And I STOPPED when I "fell in love" so I can understand you

and idk why I wrote 200, I have a feeling for me it's more lol

i adore you! i can be honest about this shit with you ---- too many people do NOT understand!! i wish you visited lj more often love :D hearing from you brightens my lj experience LMAO!
Forgive me my dear
My mind is full of distractions

However, I will be more consistent with lj from now on
I promise ;)
It's not the past that defines you but what you do with the present that makes it count.

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