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Lost hella weight.
Feeling great.
I avoid the scale but ALL of my TINY clothes are too big, I'm probably a size 1-2 now but my ass and tits look great.
My ex is a douche NOT EVEN the one I used to write about, but the one I JUST left.

I swear men hate being faithful to me.

Anywhoo, Moving to Vegas, SERIOUSLY this time, there is way more money for me out there.
I realized I LOVE being FREE, no relationships for me. I don't even want children, many things have changed, but I am fuckin happy.

Btw I've been indulging in substances that have been enlightening and making me so fuckin happy.

I don't have an addictive personality and I don't try to coke and other shit they (friends) mess with. It doesn't appeal to me.
I think that's for the best..
I am so fascinated with the "unknown" and its only unknown b/c most people are ignorant to whats going on, now that I've chosen my side, bad things have happened to everyone around me, I feel so protected.

Safe, secure, happy, spiritual, sexual....

ps. I am totally tripping balls right now