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skinny bitch

I'm such a skinny bitch
skinny skinny skinny

I love that my ex calls me Ally Mcbeal and any other reference to skinny women on television.
He doesn't realize how much of an enabler he is haha

UGH I must admit I hate his guts, but I LOVE his dick and got it for the past 2 days...

Have YOU gotten that lately?
I know in his mind his tactic was....
"I'll fuck her so good she won't desire anyone else" or "I'll be hitting it better than any of the other guys"
I swear he thinks I'm fucking the world when in reality he's the only one I've fucked for over 6 months, but his Bullshit isn't my concern, his dick is.

And his penis is fabulous and the effort he puts in it is overwhelming and I NEEDED it, and now that I've gotten it in every position possible, new techniques on his part and on mine.
I'm done with him.
I had this motherfucker screaming my name, enunciating each syllable,  I put in WORK on his ass. And proud of it.

I laugh now b/c I know how his mind works, he thinks I'm going to be so wrapped up in him now b/c of the sex that I'll spiral back into a semi relationship with him again lol
That I'll once again be his arm candy and that he will once again be the envy of all the fellas b/c I am a HeartBreaker.

I am done with him, I got mine and I'm done.
That man has made me so unbelievably sore I can STILL feel him from YESTERDAY. Today's soreness hasn't even settled in yet.

Needless to say, I've had enough sex for at least 2 months. My libido is GONE, my horny meter is full and a little overworked, it's fuckin done.
Have you ever had intense nonstop sex for days?
Trust me, you'll take a rest.


My sexual frustration is finally gone (I broke up with him a month or so ago and have been 'celibate' for a while)and now I can worry about more important things.

But yes, I'm skinny and perfect and my body is looking like perfection lately.
I've let go of so many people,pets,etc that meant so much to me, for the betterment of ... ME!

I realized having so many attachments is holding me back, too many relationships with people that aren't in anyway interested in my interests...
Not very logical to keep them around, sounds heartless yes I know and it is, but it's also TRUE! I love myself more than I love anyone else, and I should. At the end of the day, I'm by myself, I have no one to turn to but me when there's trouble. I'm the only one concerned about my bills, problems, life.
People would rather control and have me conform than be me and I cut those muthafuckas off as well..

This includes family & "friends".
I'll email them I guess (family)

I'm glowing, happy, focused, and I see nothing wrong with this, and why should I?
The rules I make for my own life please me very much... no need to conform to anyone else's...


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